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Think Before You Send:
A Practical Guide to Email in the Workplace

Welcome to the preview of IET's "Think Before You Send: A Practical Guide to Email in the Workplace."

This preview will provide a good first look at the structure of our online course on reducing email risk in your workplace.

The Course Structure: Employees will review 8 workplace scenarios in which they analyze the possible consequences of sending different workplace emails.

The scenarios allow users to explore the effects and consequences of poor email practices, such as assuming you can delete emails, careless routing, and using improper language.

Employees must evaluate different choices and are offered suggestions on how to address each situation.

Short question and answer sections facilitate learning and reinforce key concepts.

Your organization's email policy is incorporated into the course to help define appropriate workplace email practices in your organization.

Upon completion of the course, employees acknowledge that they have reviewed your policy and receive certification.

If you are interested in a longer demo, or if you have any questions, please register below or call 1-888-HR-TRAIN.

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Course Customization

All of our online courses are customized to include your organization's branding, policies and message. For more information on course customization, click here

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